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This is a great easy recipe for nibbles. I served it as part of a large board (all from the market) or just serve with fresh bread or bruschetta. 

Potted Cheese:
125g cream cheese
140g sour cream
140g strong blue cheese
50g toasted walnut pieces
Process all the above until combined. Transfer to a jar or bowl (this recipe made three small jars) and refrigerate. 
Pinot Noir Jelly:
1 gelatin leaf
6 tablespoons pinot noir
1 teaspoon liquid honey
Soak the gelatine leaf in cold water. Place wine & honey in a small saucepan until honey is dissolved. Take off heat and stir in gelatine leaf (water excess squeezed from it). Leave jelly to cool and when starting to thicken pour over cheese. Leave in fridge to set.