Christchurch Farmers' Market

Riccarton House

16 Kahu Road


Christchurch 8014

New Zealand

Tel 03 348 6190


Waste Management at the market. 

Waste is always on our minds at the CFM and we work hard to implement processes to minimise the amount of landfill waste we have with an aim for the majority of items to be compostable or recyclable.

We have 4 positions around the market with Red labelled Bins, Yellow Labelled Bins & Green Compost Bins 

We rely on our customers to make sure that they put their rubbish in the correct bins.

At this stage the coffee cups we use are not able to be recycled so they are packed into special coffee cup chutes so they stack as neatly as possible and take up as little space as possible in the final rubbish.

All our Coffee grinds are either taken home by customers, added to our vege garden or added to a greens clippings pile