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We have had this wonderful recipe for Figs in our posession for a couple of years. We first published it back in Autumn 2012 in Feast mag. It is Fig season now so we thought its a good one to bring back. It was given to us by Giulio of Roots restaurant in Lyttleton.


1kg of Figs

1kg sugar

20gm Dried chamomile

50ml lemon juice


1. In a heavy based pot mix carefully the figs, sugar, lemon juice and chamomile. Cook for 45 mins at a very low heat. The sugar will absorb the water from the figs, becoming a syrup for the chamomile to infuse in.


2. Fill up your jars, seal them and preserve in a water bath for 15 mins


Note: make sure to sterilize the jars first. put them upside down on the rack of the oven at 100oC for 5 mins