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Look around the market at the moment and you will see a few more stalls popping up filled with these beautiful smelling yellow fruit. It is the season for Qunices right now and you need to make the most of them. If the least you can do is to put some in a bowl and enjoy their brightness and aroma. If you have a bit of time up your sleeve and want to do some wonderful with these fruit taking the time to roast them with some spices will yield excellent results.


This recipe was given to us by Rosemary Branthwaite, a previous regular Quince Stall holder at the market. The stall was filled with the fresh whole quinces from her tree in Akaroa and also a variety of baking using the roasted quince as well as pottles of Quince Paste.




1.5L Water

500g Sugar

2.4kg Whole Quince

1 strip of orange rind

1 Cinnamon stick

2 Cardamom pods

180ml Lemon Juice




1) Preheat the oven to moderate 140oC

2) Combine the water and sugar in a med saucepan. Stir over med heat, without boiling until the sugar is dissolved.

3) Wash the quince well. Put the unpeeled quince, rind and spices into a large oven proof dish and pour the syrup over. Cover the dish and bake for about 4 hours. Turn occasionally. once the quince are tender and have changed to a deep red colour remove the quince and add enough lemon juice to the syrup to adjust the sweetenss to your taste.

4) When cool enough to handle, peel skin from the quince.

5) Serve warm quince with syrup and cream or ice cream or use in your favourite baking