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Our stories: West Melton Blueberries

March 17, 2016



Sean Carr has been growing organic blueberries since 2004, and has been a regular at the Farmers Market ever since. He believes the blueberries grown in Canterbury have the advantage because of the hot summers, cool nights and low rainfall. This combination (as it does with grapes) is a wonderful recipe for producing amazing fruit and it gives Sean’s blueberries nuances of sweetness and full flavour. You can also be assured that Sean’s blueberries are the best of the best, guaranteed by his organic certification.


Sean and the team at West Melton blueberries are busy right now with a short two month window for picking. With November frosts and December hail, this has been a challenging season, which will finish sometime early-mid April. Make sure you come down to the market over the next few Saturdays so you don’t miss out on these amazing blueberries.


This week the UK telegraph wrote a great article highlighting the amazing benefits of eating blueberries and some lovely recipes (including pickled blueberries, what a great idea). Check it out here.


Thanks Sean for telling us more about your wonderful stall!



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