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Feijoas; tips, tricks and recipes

May 16, 2016


You might have noticed that we have been doing a lot of profiles about the stall at the market lately. We thought we would take the same approach with one of our favourite fruit that’s in season at the moment; feijoas!



Feijoa facts :

  • Feijoas are also known as pineapple guavas

  • They are originally from subtropical and tropical highlands of several south American countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay

  • It takes a feijoa tree 3-5 years to mature enough to produce fruit

  • Feijoas are in season from March to June in NZ, and peak in May

  • Feijoas have cancer-fighting properties. Feijoas contain saponins which are thought to have anticancer agents.

  • They are high in vitamin c, k and dietary fibres

  • Ripe feijoas have a slightly soft feel, similar to a banana.



Tips for growing a feijoa tree:




Most people enjoy feijoas straight off the tree but they are other ways to eat this delicious fruit. Here are  a few great recipes:


Make sure you make the most of the feijoa season, because it will be over before you know it!



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