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Our stories: Pegasus Organics

June 16, 2016

 In our last blog post, Q&A with Dr Libby, Dr Libby talked about the value she see's in organic produce, highlighting particularly the time and effort organic farmers put into their crops. We contacted Pegasus Organics, a stall at the market to learn a bit more about the effort he goes to for his organic produce.


Steve from Pegasus Organics currently works at home on 3 acres of land,.While his land is un-certified, it is organic, and more impressively  it has been chemical free for more than 30 years. They ensure they only use certified fertilisers. The reason for being un-certified is due to it being a small parcel of land, which the produce is only sold at farmers markets, therefore the extra costs are not required for wholesale purposes. Steve does also sell certified organic fruit and vege, which he buys in.


Steve admits that the organic process can be a labour intensive at times, some crops may require weeding up to 6 times! Also when selling quality organics, a common side effect is waste which would not occur on a conventional crop that has access to hundreds of types of chemical to combat any problems. Other lengths he goes to is making sure he is harvesting at correct time of day when crop is at it best, washing, cleaning as soon as possible and using chilled refrigeration.


Steve's goal is a shared one; to provide fresh, healthy, great quality organic fruit and vege at reasonable prices.


Thanks so much Steve for chatting to us.



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