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Winter warmers

August 2, 2016


Boy, August has made an impression already hasn’t it! We may be 2/3rds of the way through winter but we will definitely still have some chilly night to survive! This means that we need some soul warming delights to treat ourselves with till Spring arrives. Here are a few of our favourite warm drinks that are guaranteed to warm you from the inside out:


Chai tea: nothing warms you through more than a cup of tea; and even more so when it has a spicy twist. The Chai Tent makes a wicked cup of chai tea, not only is it delicious and great on a cold day it also has amazing health benefits; check them out here. Lucky for us, The Chai Tent has shared a recipe for their tea. Try it for yourself and enjoy tea all week!



Drinking chocolate: you’re in luck with this one! Bennetto, who will be joining us in September at the market have quite possibly the best drinking chocolate in town, and Dish magazine thinks so too! Dish recently praised Bennetto drinking chocolate in the top 5 best hot drinks, if that doesn’t convince you we don’t know what will! You’ll love making it too, here is a few different techniques that Bennetto themselves recommend.  Great one for the kids too! Grab a bottle of Nature Matters Milk from the market to make this super drink. 



Hot lemon: Ali’s Lemons at the market has the most wonderful lemon syrup. Ali recommends serving it with a teaspoon of honey, half and teaspoon of fresh ginger and hot water. Not only is it delicious but it is also great a fighting off cold and flu symptoms.



Mulled wine: One for the adults here. This one will certainly warm the cockles of your heart! Grab a bottle of red from the market and follow this easy recipe and you’ll be cosy in no time.




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