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Wairiri Water Buffalo....

May 17, 2017

 Check out that beautiful face :)


Lucy and the team at Wairiri Water Buffalo have a heard of Buffalo named Daria, Lila, Mila, Rubina, Terra, Steph, Daisy and these Buffalo produce the wonderful milk that is then turned in to delicious cheeses and yoghurt.


Buffalo products are not that common here but they are a great alternative to classic cows milk products. Buffalo milk is classed as an A2 milk rather than cows milk being an A1 milk. The proteins in A2 milk are more gentle and more easily digested so may be beneficial for people that have trouble with standard cows milk products.


Over this winter at the Christchurch Farmer's Market they are stocking the Stretched Mozzarella and their yoghurt. 


Their yoghurt they  are running a 2 for 1 :


600g pot of yoghurt for $9.50 ( grab 2 for the price of 1)

or 1kg pot for $16 ( grab 2 for the price of 1)


They will be doing some sample of the yoghurt at the stall over the winter so make sure to head down and try it if you haven't had buffalo milk before.


Their mozzarella is beautiful over some pasta with a slightly chilli tomato based sauce, add a thin slice over the chicken before baking, pop some chunks into any vege bake to make a it all 'glue together' for a hearty winter meal.

Have a chat to them at the stall and ask for other ideas.



Just to note they are attending every second week over winter. Not attending this weekend  ( 21st May) but attending every second weekend after that.





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