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Welcome to our Stallholder profile post this week

January 2, 2018

Welcome to our Stallholder profile post this week: CANTERBERRIE RASPBERRIES.


Our story: 
We are a family owned raspberry farm based in West Melton. This is our second harvest and third year running. Grandad, Greame McLean has been in vineyards for many years up in Blenheim, and this raspberry farm is for us, our mum and the (adult) kids to learn the ropes! We love it and think we are producing some really excellent raspberries!


Our point of difference: 
Our raspberries are really quite amazing. Sweet, dark, delicious and almost creamy! We are establishing ourselves in Canterbury and really believe that we can offer the most superior flavour raspberry in decades. Our raspberries are locally grown and picked fresh on a daily basis.
We also can do commercial volumes of raspberries (completely sold out til Xmas however!) so get in touch if you are a local foodie! :)

What's your favourite thing about being a berry grower and why? 
Picking berries is enjoyable work! It's family friendly and super healthy! It's also easy to enjoy because of all the outstanding feedback we get on our flavour. We've really nailed it on the head and we are proud of that.

Our values:
We strongly believe in supporting bee populations. For this reason, we are very careful about how what we use to keep the plants healthy so we don't risk making the bees unwell. We have lots of beehives on site and are interested to see if we get and raspberry flavour in their honey (it's still an experiment, we don't sell honey yet!).

Why we like trading at farmers markets: 
Markets are a beautiful hive of community. It's really hard not to enjoy something where everyone loves your product! The Farmers Market is in a very special setting and we love running a stall and shopping there!











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