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Utopia Ice
Utopia Ice is a craft ice cream stall striving to serve the best ice cream & sorbet in Christchurch.We make our ice cream & sorbet by hand, in small batches using only fresh, local, seasonal produce (from the farmers market, our own or neighbours garden or foraged around Christchurch) and top notch ingredients. We use real milk (certified organic) and the eggs are laid by happy chooks in Darfield.
Mandy Klapschuweit & Sebastian Koburg
022 189 3440
Westmelton Organic Blueberries
Eight years ago Sean planted his first small plants and has now over 3000 plants.
Blueberries are very fussy bushes - many home growers would have learnt this the hard way there is also no room for instant gratification as they take 4-5 years to come into economic production. With Sean on quality control hiss berries are sorted and packed by hand.
Sean sells his Certified Organic Blueberries in 125g and 250g packages (Asurequality No. 0543)
Eden Orchard
At Eden Orchards, we're all about working as a family to deliver fresh, delicious fruit to the community. We have multiple varieties of cherries and apricots throughout the season, with samples available that are so good you won't be able to stop. You can count on us to turn up every weekend with great produce and a friendly smile, so come on down for a chat, a free taster and a cherry good time!
Martin's Blueberries
Growing our blueberries gives us great satisfaction when we see the utmost look of pleasure on our customers faces after they sample our product.
We have tasted all types of blueberries from others organically grown, to ours, and believe the ones we have are superior in taste. Of course we are naturally biased, but love them because they are so sweet. I enjoy mowing between the rows when necessary, because I stop every so often a and taste them!!!!
Canterberries Raspberries
Canterberries is a new family owned Raspberry farm located in West Melton. We have got some pretty darn good Raspberries at a very good price! We have had incredible feedback on the flavour of our berries and are proud to bring them to you at the Christchurch Farmers Market. We do 1/4 and 1/2 kilos for $7 an $13. They are very popular so get in early!
Redwood Berries
Redwood Cherries & Berries grow Cherries and Strawberries in South Canterbury, New Zealand. Come and experience the exceptional flavour of our fruit.

It all started with a decision to find a new challenge. In 2004 we started our new project not realising how much work was ahead of us.
2008 saw our first small crop of cherries which we sold at markets. We also planted the Raspberries which take a few years to grow to the production stage. The results you can taste now.
My Collective - Yummy Xmas Cakes
Yummy Christmas cakes has had a bit of a makeover this year and re-branded as My Collective.

We still make the same yummy Christmas Cakes but you can now buy them packaged in a fancy wooden gift box, making them an ideal Christmas gift for those hard to buy for people.

My Collective Christmas Cakes will be available from the Christchurch Farmers Market from the 19th of November through till the 17th of December.
Dunsandel Lillies
Always in December Alice Pillbrow brings her most beautiful Christmas Lillies to the market.
Marlborough Figs
Our family figs are all carefully picked and packed by hand and the exciting thing is we'll be back at the Marlborough Farmers' Market tomorrow morning with a bounty of delectable figs fresh off the tree!

Pop in and grab yourself some nutritious Autumn goodness!
The hot dry summers of the Canterbury Plains in the South Island of New Zealand provide an ideal climate for the production of asparagus seed in strict isolation from other areas of asparagus production.

Aspara Pacific has pioneered the production of High Health asparagus crowns. Using the latest machinery from Europe, the best quality asparagus crowns are supplied to growers throughout New Zealand.
Gisborne Oranges
Welcome to Gisborne Oranges.
This is our gang of loyal pickers some of whom have been with us for 14 years and have 3 generations of one family.
Our first planting of Citrus was back in 1971.The secret to the fantastic taste of our oranges is the rich loam soils we have in Gisborne combined with its special microclimate.
These oranges are picked and packed on the Tuesday arriving FRESH TO YOU Saturday. he oranges should last in a fruit bowl for weeks out of there plastic bag.
Hadstock Farm Daffodils
Hadstock Farm has been in the Chamberlain family since 1878. From small beginnings we now cultivate over 50-60 acres of spring bulbs & flowers - making Hadstock Farm one of the largest daffodil & tulip growers in NZ.

We are situated just 20 minutes drive from Christchurch on the fertile soils alongside the Selwyn River in the heart of Canterbury.

Daffodils are undoubtedly the most popular spring flowers, promising renewed hope, spring lambs, and warmer days. Available February - April.
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