Christchurch Farmers' Market

Riccarton House

16 Kahu Road


Christchurch 8014

New Zealand

Tel 03 348 6190



If you wish you apply for a site at our market, please have a read of the Vendor Information Pack. 

You can also fill in our Stall Holder Application Form. The application form also contains the Terms and Conditions & Code of Conduct which vendors must adhere to if they wish to trade at a market.

Please read these documents carefully, and then submit the application to trade form via email.

In order to be considered, preference will be given to a Canterbury region based, producer of a food item. As we are mainly a food market we don't accept any vendors selling non-food-items (flowers, plants, food related items and special event markets are the exceptions). We encourage all applicants wishing to sell at the market be the person who has grown, produced or created the product. We don't allow vendors to purchase products to on-sell them at the market.


Please note that any food product needs to be produced in a registered kitchen. You need to be familiarised with the Christchurch City Council requirements and have been approved by the City Council before you can start to trade at the market. Please refer to their website. We do not assist in any dealings with the council unless you need a liquor license to trade with off-premise alcoholic beverages at the market.


Your application form is dealt with by the Christchurch Farmers’ Market Manager. If the Market Manager has any specific questions about your application they will contact you. Any considered application will be discussed by the Christchurch Farmers’ Market Management. You will be advised in the following weeks as to the result of your application. If you wish to contact Market Management regarding your application in the meantime please do so via email only.

When discussing any individual application, a number of different issues are considered, such as available space at the market, existing market vendors and the balance of products on offer to the public.

Applications will be more successful if the product(s) proposed are

  • not competing with any product already being offered at the market

  • of very high quality, excellent presentation, branding, and labelling

As the Christchurch Farmers’ Market is aiming to move towards being more eco-friendly matters such as environmentally friendly packaging or community engagement are also taken into consideration when deciding on any application.


General Application Process Steps:

  1. Application via email stating proposed products in detail

  2. Market Management will contact you regarding further information, if necessary

  3. Your proposal will be discussed in fortnightly Market Management meeting

  4. If your proposal is considered to be of interest to the market you will receive an email inviting you to come in for a tasting and presentation of your product with Market Management

  5. If your proposal is not leading to an invitation for a tasting you will also be notified

  6. If your tasting is successful a space at the market will be offered – this is subject to availability